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Emmanuel Salomon II. Dancer. Coach. Hopeless Romantic.

My life is still under contruction, but I'm learning from my experiences and mistakes every day.

Have NO regrets in life. Just accept the obstacles in life and conquer them!

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The Secret Society of Circle Jerking…

Ejaculatorium stands squarely behind all masturbators… But it doesn’t have to be a solitary act!  Some of the hottest whack-off sessions can be had by greasing that piston along with your closest buddies!  The advantage to the sacred group activity of circle jerking is plausible denyability for the straight guys… You can’t go blabbing about it to the world because everyone was a participant!  Of course, in situations where we give each other a “helping hand” during a group stroke-off, know that you are admitting to your friends that you may not be 100% straight…  But don’t let that stop you.  Keep calm and stroke-on!

"Oops!  Sorry about that, bro!  Here, let me just wipe that off you with my sock."

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Work Bulge!

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Thats how every #bottom #boy should be used. I wish i was #used like this. #fag #faggot #gagfag #gay #gayporn #gaysatan


Thats how every #bottom #boy should be used. I wish i was #used like this. #fag #faggot #gagfag #gay #gayporn #gaysatan

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Cruising the woods

Fun times

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Sweet piece bro .. Are you offering it to me?

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last photo of him. staring at his profile is making me hungry, for a burger

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Hot gay porn stuff posted EVERY DAY

new gay porn blog that follows back!

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